Uhhh... Go Away

What are you doing here?

In my dreams, this is odd

I know this very well may

Sound harsh, but uhhh... go away

I don't really know you

You're just a friend, only that

So why, on this lovely day

Are you here? Uhhh... go away

We talk, sure, we talk a lot

Probably get on the teacher's nerves

Despite all the words we say

Can you, uhhh... go away?

We come from different groups

Popular and nonconformist, but

In my dreams, you say you're there to stay

Please, oh please, uhhh... go away

Now I have to make it through today

With your image plastered in my brain

Is it possible for you to disobey

Your orders from Dreamland and uhhh... go away?

Yeah, you're really cute

Very attractive, I know

But looks don't matter anyway

So stop haunting my dreams, uhhh... go away