Have Fun!

I see...

A free spirit

Courageous heart

Daring soul

Caring, considerate being

Zany sense of humor

Brilliantly bizarre mind full of magnificent ideas

Energetic and enthusiastic person

I see a fabulous friend

Easy to confide in

Trustworthy beyond words

Because I know him and care for him

Because he is an inspiration to all who hide

Because they are afraid of what

You see...

Gay heart

Gay sould

Queer, gay being

Gay sense of humor

Gaily queer mind full of gay ideas

Gay and queer person

You see a fabulous target

Easy to get

An ego boost beyond words

Because you know who he isn't and could care less

Because he is himself all the time

And doesn't hide

From you

You who is so judgemental

Hypocritical conformist

Follower of the "cool" and "popular"

He aspires to be something greater than you

Never will he stoop to your level

He's nonconformist

And because you're dumbfounded by his valor

In this world of unnecessary social battles

Stereotype versus stereotype

You retaliate with such a lame, overused insult

That can break a fragile heart like his:


Hey, I didn't know gay meant stupid!

Or that there was anything wrong with homosexuality

Because last time I checked

God loved us all

Silly me...

Yes, me

You know what I think of you?

Yes, you

I think, no, I know

You're a spineless coward with a heart of dry ice

Slowly forming a vast black hole

That will swallow you slowly and painfully someday

As you so rightfully deserve

Have fun!