A/N: These are questions that have been developing in my mind for the past few days....

Will I ever....

Good enough friend?

Be agood enough person?

Be 'normal' in someone's eyes?

Be happy again?

Be a good enough child in my parent's eyes?

Be accepted for who I am?

Stop being trampled over just because people like to see me do back flips in a cage?

Be a good sister?

Be a good enough person?

Stop being so 'blonde'?

Will my father ever stop getting so snippy if I do something wrong?

Will my step mom ever accept that I'm his daughter and I want father-daughter time?

Stop screaming at myself for the stupidest of a mistake?

Stop screaming at everyone?

Be good at writing?

Be good at being a friend?

Will I ever learn how to come up with answers and stop questioning life?

I think the answers will only come with Time.

Because, Experience is the worst teacher... It gives the test before the lesson.