Do you regret any actions?
Anything to change your life?
How about when you broke me?

I see you now as only a person
Someone whom I trust, to a point
Once, you had my heart
A sacred item I cherished
But, you abused it long ago

I thought I could never love
That, from you, a part of me had died
Now, it blooms like never before

Does it hurt to see me happy?
To love someone you knew, but disregarded?
To understand I no longer weep for you?

Tears once fell, though hidden
All too often to admit, I'm afraid
I would see you, or hear your name, your voice
To feel your presence, brought pain

I was told, once, love is nothing
Nothing but an excuse, a reason
So long ago I believed this as truth
Yet, today, I know it exists

Many times, I've caught your glimpse
It was I who once lowered my gaze
No longer, for I am proud
I do not feel as I did before

Do you miss what we had?
Or do you just not like knowing it's over?
You broke me so long ago, but I have mended
Do you regret not helping with the pieces?