Never, have I felt this alone
Void of all emotions
This feeling of confusion, of sorrow
I ache from its harshness

Some things were said
Assumptions made, as always
But now, it seems, they become real
Cannot dismiss my thoughts

We talked of many things
Mostly, lately, about our troubles
Tonight, you said something new
Something that still hurts within

You told me there is a change
Not in me, but yourself
That, recently, things aren't right
Yet, I see nothing but correct

How am I supposed to take it?
That things are bad, or, worse, over?
Maybe not just yet, but soon?
Possibly things will be only different?

So many excuses I've told tonight
You were just sick, or tired, or both
Each one comes back the same
Things can never return to normal

I wish to see you, to touch you
Your embrace forgiving, knowing
If, but, to calm these accusations
For Never have I felt so alone