Had To Die…

What can I tell you?
I told you all I can.
I left out a few pieces but that wasn't planned.
I'm going through a lot right now.
I really don't know how to deal.
But I guess I'm going to try.
I'll work it out before I have to die.
Before I have to say goodbye
Make all problems right.
Say sorry for every fight.
Kiss and hug those I love.
And hope no one will judge.
I need to do this right now.
I can't explain why…
Just let me go and please say goodbye.
As I lay there cutting deep, I wait for the dark to come.
I prey this will be everlasting, not ever for fun.
You lay me down to rest.
As young as you thought I'd never be.
But, mum and dad did you ever ask why?
I couldn't take this life and had to die…

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