Shadow of a Snowy Dream

I walked outside into the world of white

Right into your arms

At least that is what I imagined

I was not sure if the kiss you gave me

Was even real,

Or the snow embracing me hello

And seductively brushing my hair,

Was you

Leaving white crystals to rest upon my lips and lashes

Blinded by purity I walked toward you in my mind,

However my body followed my intentions to let it lie

Until the appointed time

When the universe gives permission to proceed

To upset the order and present my love for you

How can you call it love?

I call it my undying respect

Because I want you to be at the other side of the snowdrift

Waiting for me

At least one day soon

I want to be the scarf around your neck

And be the one to keep you warm

But I do not know what form you want me to take

I could be a shape shifter if you wanted

But I would rather be little me

Joined together with little you

Hand in hand

Or making angels in the cold powder

Staring at the clouds passing over us

Passing away

I only ask that you lie with me on the bed of earth,

Covered with that blanket of snow

I see nothing but kisses of the clouds above

And I see no one, not even my shadow

I guess I am alone.

A girl can dream can't she?