The Other Way
© 2005

Through the bush and rubble
I cower on with a heart so bold
The road, it seems to mock me
so all the way I hear the cry
the cry, the cry!
Something strange and very foreign
Beautiful and delicate, so fragile
Like a human's broken heart
Give me the strength you do not have,
Give me bravery, cowardly crier
Give me bones of solid gold
Take me away forever!

Human instinct points this direction
Let's see what lies the other way
The other way, beyond my human nature
Beyond the better judgement
The other way, the other way!
What lies ahead, the other way?
Long and wide, prolonged
Dusty highway lead me on
Lead me on 'till fatigue drags me down
Lead me on to different lands
Lead me on, forbid the past to play my mind
Take me away forever!