The Riddle

Who has the power

To answer the riddle?

It's my life . . .

So shouldn't I decide?

It's not your choice.

You don't have that power.

Some people may let you

Control their lives.

You are supreme,

Are you not?

Well, I've some news for you, mister.

You loose your power

The minute I stop to believe.

If I take my faith

Away from here

You'll be nothing more

Than a dream from the past.

So, who's supreme now?

Will you answer me that?

If you created us,

We can certainly destroy you.

If we stop to believe

You will cease to exist.

So, riddle me this,

My higher-being friend . . .

Who has the god-power now?

Can you answer me that?

Oh, I'm sorry . . .

Did I make you doubt?