Another Person In the Hall

I didn't know you.

I never saw you much.

But I'd say hello to you.

I never knew

That much about you.

I never knew at all.

They said you were nice

They said you were kind.

But I saw the pain within you.

So I said, "hi!"

Or waved goodbye

When I saw you walking around.

And I saw how it made you smile.

And soon it was your birthday,

And I was excited to see you;

I had a card and a hat for you.

But, I couldn't find you that day,

And they told me you weren't coming back.

I cried for you,

For you had taken your life.

But, I still held strong,

And moved on with my life,

Though you weren't very far from my thoughts.

You were just another person in the hall.