The Mother

The mother gave birth to us. She gave us life, and nurtured us until we could make it on our own.

She watched us take our first baby steps and say our first words. She would catch us as we fell, tuck us in at night, and sing sweet lullabies to chase away the beasts.

She watched us laugh; she watched us cry; she watched us grow into what we are now.

But, quick we were to forget all she'd done. Soon, we took it all for granted; we got selfish. We stopped caring for our mother as she cared for us.

No matter what we did, she still loved us.

But, soon our displeasure turned to anger; anger turned to hate. And, now, ever so slowly, the child kills the parent.

And, as we gradually strangle our mother, she still finds breath to say:

"I love you."

A/N: Originally, the "mother" I am speaking of was the "mother nature" kind of thing. This was kind of about how we treat the earth. But, you can take from it what you want.