Get Done

I had to make him do it. There was no around it. There was a discount at the local tattoo parlor for belly button piercings. God, how I wish I didn't think he would look more godly without it. It was definitely a struggle, getting him to actually go. He told me that I couldn't go with him if he did it.

I ALMOST didn't comply. Heh, but then I thought "He's going to do it if I agree. Fuck yeah." And that was that.

So I waited at our condo. God it killed me. I was sitting there all day thinking, "Is he really doing it? Or did he chicken? Am I going to have to deprive him after this?" I didn't have to wait too too long to find out the answer to all of those questions. Yes, no, and no way.

Upon his entrance into the living room where I was tensely waiting for him, he stepped up in front of me and smoothly slapped me. I figured I'd get something out of this.

"What? Did you do it?" I asked smiling.

"It fucking hurt. Next time, you get the piercing."

"Ha. I think not."

"Ha. I think so."

"Well, let me see it!" I'm like a kid wanting candy.

"Let yourself see it."

Taking that as a hint, I lifted up his shirt and peered at a sterling silver hoop, set in place through the top of his belly button. It seemed so in place surrounded by chiseled abs. I pulled him to me and leaned forward, grabbing it in between my teeth and pulling lightly, eliciting an extasized gasp from his mouth. "Yes, I definitely love this new addition." I say to him, letting go of the hoop.

"Me too." He said lazily, moving his hands from his sides and pushing them through my messy hair.

"Want to take this to a different room?"

"I think here is pretty good."

"Whatever you want love."

He groans as I bite at his tenderized flesh. I stand up and help him remove his shirt that has magically risen half way up already. As soon as the piece of clothing is off we kiss for a minute, as he pushes my unbuttoned shirt off of my shoulders and down my body.

Next goes pants, but hard to do while keeping a kiss going and while major groping is taking place. We keep it together as long as we can, then break so that we can get the intruding clothes off.

Both of us are extremely ready to go. And all clothes gone, we can. He sits down, fully naked on the couch were I was just sitting and looks up at me with an expression that I never get tired of.

He pushes his bangs out of face and then grabs at my hips and moves them back and forth. "What now?" he asks.

"You tell me. I said it was whatever you wanted."


"To an extremity."

"I think you'll like my final answer." He says with a very sultry and seductive voice.

"Oh. Good." I know I just squeaked.

He chuckles lightly and then leans forward, like I had earlier, but goes just a tad lower than I had.

I'm in fucking ecstasy. I want this job to last forever. No, I don't. Nevermind. I can't bring myself to look at him while he does this amazing rehab-worth tongue's great...I mainly can't look at him because throwing my head back is far more comfortable then throwing it forward, no matter how lovely the site is down there.

My hand rests on his head as it moves back and forth with precision, causing me to moan rather loudly.

Grabbing every last inch of control in me, I pull myself from him. Him hanging his head loosely when he has nothing else to do. "Okay, you're cut off now with the whatever you want." I say to him roughly, pulling his face up with my hand.

It's really hard to deny him anything but what he wants sometimes. He pouts a playful pout then leans back on the couch. Go time. I grab his shoulders and straddle him, an awkward (sp again) situation, but a familiar one.

I tug at the stud in his ear, which I also talked him in to. "You know..." He says. "I think you deserve something pierced."

"Like what?" I ask in his ear.

"I was thinking your nipples." I lose my breath.


"You heard."

"I like my nipples just the way they are."

He rubs at the aforementioned area the moves his hands to my back, bringing me forward. "Fine. I refuse anymore piercings you want me to get."

"I'll get my nipples done if you get yours done…" I bite at his ear again.


"What if I got my dick done, is that what you want to get done?"

"Haha, no. I would actually prefer it if you didn't." He says between gasps.


"Not that again."

I laugh a little. "Lay down." I command.

I roll off of him and he moves so that his head is on the opposite end of the couch as me.

"You know…" I say, looking over him in all his glory. "You are truly beautiful."

He blushes and then kicks at me. "Shut up…"

"It's true."

I crawl towards him, stopping near his groin. He picks his head up off the couch to peer at me and I smirk. I duck down and lick at his thighbone, completely avoiding any area he wanted me to go to. He makes an annoyed sound and then lets his head fall back.

I kiss him where I had just licked then moved up, leaving a moist trail to his belly button. I again nibble around that area. I really really like this new addition.

After making many more noises come from the beauty, I move up again, still trailing along his tan skin. It's amazing how this has worked out. I'm kissing the nipples of my ex-band mate turned lover and I love it. In fact, I couldn't be happier with any situation, besides the one when we got together.

Killing the foreplay, I kiss him with little force and move his legs apart. Pulling one leg up so that the back of his knee rests against my shoulder, I move so that my erection brushes against his opening, making him gasp at the contact.

"Need prepping?" I mumble into his mouth.

"Nuh uh." He shakes his head, dark brown locks of hair falling in his face. With his permission, I push forward, nudging my way inside him. While we've both been "on bottom", he's usually the one who receives. It makes me uncomfortable being in that position, he seems to like it enough.

Once I'm buried to the hilt, I wait for him to adjust before rocking slowly in and out. He shutters violently when I hit his sweet spot. I try to nail his prostate as many times as I can for him. I know he'll be sore if I don't stop soon, so I ease up and just continue thrusting.

"Don't stop! Don't stop!" He hits me on the back whenever he can breathe again. I chuckle at him and kiss him on the cheek, following his orders and hitting that certain somewhere again. He whimpers and then convulses again. Sometimes I wonder what that feels like…we only discovered it after I said "No more for me."

When I see him grab for his member and start pumping I figure that he's on the edge and thrust harder than before. His face scrunches up as he starts pushing down to meet my thrusts. He comes suddenly, white fluid shooting from his slowly relaxing dick.

I find release soon after, long and hard. When I finally finish I collapse on top of him. Both of our eyes are shut as we bask in the after glow.

A few hours later I wake up on the couch alone, quickly figuring out what woke me up. I throw off the blanket that was put over me at some point, which I'm VERY grateful for and wrap it around me. I walk farther back in our condo, peaking inside one of the rooms that aren't carpeted, where a large grand piano sits, surrounded by few other instruments. Even though the band isn't together still, music is still our life.

Which brings me to the other part of my life. He sits silently at the piano; a blanket draped over the bottom half of his body. He plays a soft song, one that seems familiar, but is lost to me. I know the tune though, so I go sit next to him silently and play with him. He turns his head to face me and we kiss again.

When we break apart he continues looking at me and says with a small smirk, "So…nipples. Yours. You're doing it."

I sigh loudly. "Only for you love. But if you ever reconsider the Albert, let me know."