The next weekend, things seemed to settle down a little bit between everyone. Brooke still didn't really like Arien, and she went and told Riley that she liked him.

On Friday night/Saturday morning, Riley heard tapping on his window, Arien was on his roof. How she got up there is beyond me, but there she was knocking on his window.

"Hey Riley, How's it going?"

"Huh? Who's it, I'm not awake."

"It's Arien you goof ball!" She says as she starts climbing in and grabs his head and kisses him on the mouth. Riley, not knowing if its Brooke or Arien goes along with it.


The next thing that Riley remembers is waking up lying in his bed without pants on, and a girl lying next to him without clothes on. She rolls over and he recognizes that it's Arien.

"What did we do?"

"You gave me the best time of my life."

"You mean we…."

"Yes, why, is that bad?"

"Well, I— sort of."

"Well, I better be going I guess." Arien says as she sits up from the bed putting her bra on. She gets fully dressed and turns around, "Goodbye Riley, thanks for fuckin' me." She says with a grin on her face.

This is when Riley realizes how deep shit he's in.

"Okay, Arien, you gotta go so my mom doesn't come up and find you." Riley says standing up with the blanket draped around him. "C'mon, out the window ya go."

"Goodbye Riley." She says and then she goes up to him and kisses him full on the mouth again. He puts his hands on her hips and kisses her back. She stops kissing him and pushes him back to the bed, he trips and winds up lying on his back on his bed, still not wearing clothes. She climbs up on top of him and starts kissing him again.

In between kisses, Riley says "C'mon Arien, you've gotta go."

"Oh alright, but one for the road please."

"Okay, just one." Riley says and then kisses her as they walk over to the window for Arien to leave. The moment she gets out on the roof, Riley's phone rings. The window closes itself. He runs to the dresser and grabs some boxers, pulls them on and picks up the phone.


"Hey Rye!" It was Brooke. What would Riley tell her?

"Brooke, I gotta talk to you, a few days ago, when I kissed you, it was meant to be a friendly kiss, you know that right?"

"I guess I do now…"

Riley's alarm turns on and says, "—orning weekenders, up next is Swing Swing, by the All American Rejects, I'm sure you all remem—". Riley smacks the radio so it turns off.

"I'm so sorry Brooke. I know how you feel, but I think Arien--"

"What did you do with that bitch now?!"

There is a knock on the window. Arien is still there. Riley holds the microphone part of the phone to his shoulder and says, "Arien, you have to leave!"

"What was that?!"

"To answer both of you questions, nothing!"

"Why don't I believe you?"

"Because I was just trying to tell you that I think I want to date her?"

"Wait, what?"

"I think I want to date Arien."

"Can I try to talk you out of it?"

"You can try but it probably won't work. I'm sorry, Brooke, I really am, I just… like her."

"It's okay, just so long as you're still my best friend."


Riley hangs up the phone, Brooke slams down the phone and starts screaming.

"Honey what's wrong?" Says Brooke's mom rushing in to see what's wrong with her daughter.

"Riley's so….. GAH!"

"It's okay hun, there'll be other boys."

"There will be other boys, sure, but there won't be other Riley's!"

Riley sits down after hanging up the phone and stares at the wall. No music, no nothing. His mother heard the window open and close and then nothing else, so she went up to check on him.

"Riley, why'd you open the window?"

"Uh…. Because uh…. I was hot."

"Oh, okay, come down and get breakfast before 12:00."

"Okay, mom."

Riley goes in to take a shower. There is a note on the shower door from Arien, he doesn't bother to read it, but he sees the words I love you at the bottom. So he crumples it up and throws it out of the bathroom. He takes a shower.

He can faintly hear the doorbell ring towards the end of the shower. He gets out, dries off, and puts clothes on, grabs his cell phone, and heads downstairs. He hears his mom's voice and someone else's voice in the kitchen. He walks in. Brooke is sitting at the table drinking coffee with Riley's mom.

"So, Riley, who's this girl Brooke is telling me about?"

"Uh… she's….."

"She's Riley's girlfriend." Says Lucy skipping in to get a snack during the commercials of her Saturday morning cartoons.

"No she's not Luce! You keep saying that, I'm gonna hose you down or something."

"Riley, be nice to your sister!"

"She is going to be Riley's girlfriend in a matter of days, Mrs. Calvin."

"So, Brooke, right now she's just a crush of his?"

"I guess you cou—"

"Guys, stop talking about it."

"No Riley, I want to meet this girl of yours."

"She's not really a girl I must say." Brooke pipes in.

All the while that this feud is going on Lucy is chanting "Riley's got a girlfriend".

"Fine then, I'm leaving. Mom, I'll see you later, and I hope by then Brooke isn't here."

"Fine Rye, I'll be gone by 7. I think I'm gonna stay and talk to your mom for a while longer." Brooke says as Riley is walking towards the door. She turns to Riley's mom and says, "So, Mrs. Calvin, how was your week?"

Riley goes outside and gets in his car. He drives up to the school and just sits in the parking lot. His phone rings, and he picks it up.


"Riley? It's your father."

Riley's mother and father are divorced and Riley never sees his father when he most needs him to be there, so it's a miracle that he called at this time.

"Hey dad, I really need to talk to you."

"Okay, start talking."

"I need some help like only my dad could give."

"Okay, Riley, get on with it."

"There are two girls, Brooke, who you know, and this new girl Arien."

"Okay, explain more."

"Well, earlier this week, I kissed Brooke, but today I uh…. had sex with Arien."

"First of all, was it protected?"

"I don't know."

"Okay, that's bad, why don't you know?"

"She showed up in the middle of the night, and I blacked out."

"God Riley, you need to try to not have those."

"Dad, I don't know why I have them."

"Okay, well, if you need help deciding, I can't help you. You've gotten yourself in pretty deep with both of them. Brooke's been your friend for years, and now you have sex with a girl you apparently don't know really well. You're gonna have to think about this."

"Well, thanks for calling dad, is there something you wanted to talk about?"

"I just wanted to see how you were doing."

"Okay then, bye dad."

"Bye kiddo, good luck with the girls."

Riley hangs up his phone just as his father does. His father goes out of his house drinking coffee. He gets in his car to go to a meeting. He backs up while drinking his coffee, and gets side-swiped by a drunk driver. Riley won't find out for a few days.

Riley starts his car and turns on the radio. It's playing "Tiger Army" music. He thinks for 20 minutes or so, and then decides to drive away from the school. He drives to Arien's house. He gets out of the car, and goes up and rings the doorbell.

"Who is it!?" a boy's voice screams.

"um…. It's Riley." Riley screams back.

"Bill, shut up! I got it." Arien screams as she runs to get the door. She opens it and says "Hey."

"Hey, I got a question Arien."

Arien knows what the question is, and she already has her answer prepared.

"Okay, Riley, go ahead."

"Well, I never thought I would fuck someone I wasn't dating," Arien giggles, "So, do you wanna go out some time?"

"Of course I would." Arien says and she runs up and gives Riley a hug and a kiss. Riley wraps his arms around her and kisses her back. They slowly stop kissing and Arien asks, "So, wanna go somewhere today?"

"Sure, where would you like to go?"

"I was thinking, a coffee shop I know of."

"Sounds great."

Riley and Arien go into Riley's car and drive away. They stop at a coffee shop that is next to a music store. "Can we go In there too?" Riley asks.


"There's a CD I want to buy you."

"Okay" Arien says with a big smile on her face. Riley reaches down and grabs Arien's hand. They walk into the coffee shop holding hands. They order drinks, and take them to a table in the corner with 2 windows. They drink the coffees, kiss, and then leave, no talking involved.

"Hey, alright, let's go in here."


Riley pulls Arien into the CD store. "Wait here." Riley says as he puts Arien in one of the aisles. He goes and picks up a CD. He goes and pays for it.

Arien comes up behind him and says "What album is it?"

"You can't see it yet."

"Would you like a bag for this?" The cashier says.

"Yes please," the cashier hands the bag with the CD to him, "Thank you. Okay, Arien, c'mon, I'll let you see it when we get outside."


They go outside and sit on the steps in front of the store. Riley hands the bag with the CD to her. "Here."

Arien opens up the bag and sees the "Tiger Army" album.

"I listened to them when I decided to ask you out." Riley says as he turns a little red.

"Thanks Riley, I love it." She bends over and kisses him.

"Any day you want something; I'll get it for ya, but right now, let's go." Riley hops down the steps and motions for Arien to jump on his back.

"Okay!" Arien exclaims as she jumps on his back and he starts running down the street with her on his back. He runs all the way to a playground. He puts her down on a swing, and sits on one next to her.

"Arien, you're wonderful."

"Why, thank you!"

"No, I'm serious. If it was unprotected last night—"

"It wasn't."

"Okay then, if you're pregnant, I'm not scared to be the father of your child."

"Well, that's good."

"Like, even though I like just met you, you feel perfect to me."

"Same from here."

The just sit on the swings without saying much for a few hours, staring at each other.

"Well, I think we better get going."

"Yeah, it feels like its getting late. Do you want to come over and watch some movies?"

"Sure, let me call my mom first to make sure she doesn't stay up for me tonight."

Riley reaches into his pocket and grabs his cell phone and calls his house. He and Arien start walking towards his car.

"Hello?" says a woman's voice that isn't his mother.

"Hey, do I have the right number?"

"Yeah, don't you recognize my voice?" The person on the other line says as Riley begins to recognize the voice.

"Brooke? What are you doing at my house still?"

"Your mother went out to dinner with some guy, so I'm watching after Lucy for her."

"What the fuck? Why wouldn't she call me?"

"I told her I would."

"So you lied to my mom and you're staying in a house with my little sister right now?"

"Yeah, what's so wrong with that?"

"You fucking lied to my mother, what isn't wrong with that?"

"Well, now you know that I'm babysitting your sister."

"Yeah, and I know I can trust you with her."

"Because she's not you." Brooke says as she hangs up the phone.

"Well that was interesting." Riley says to Arien.


"Brooke is babysitting my little sister…"

"Oh, do you have to go home then?"

"No, I'm still gonna come over, I'm just confused."

"Oh, well, I'm sure its nothing."

"Yeah, you're probably right."

Riley puts his arm around Arien, and kisses her. They keep walking to the car. When they get there, they both get in. Riley sits in the drivers seat as usual, and Arien sits in the passenger seat as usual. Arien reaches over and tries to unzip Riley's pants. "Can't you wait until we at least get to your house?"

"Oh, okay."

They drive to Arien's house and get out of the car. Riley parked a few feet away from the mailbox out in the street. Arien hugs Riley, and Riley picks her up, and he walks into her house with her hanging from him.

"Let me put a movie in, you can get a drink if you want, just come into the living room when you're done."

"Okay thanks, I'll be in in a few minutes."

"Okay." Arien says as she turns to go into the living room to put in a movie. She looks through the collection of movies and picks some movie from the '80s. She puts it in, turns on the stereo, and sits down on the couch. Riley steps out of the kitchen and walks over to the couch. He sits down next to her and puts his arm around her. She leans over onto him. They both doze off.

Hours later, Riley's cell phone starts buzzing. He picks it up.

"Riley, where are you? Brooke is here and she said you had plans for today."

"What mom? Wait, what time is it?"

"It's 9:00."

"At night right?"

"No, it's the morning, you didn't come home, and I figured you were staying out late so I didn't stay up after I got home."

"Oh sh… I'm sorry mom, I fell asleep at my uh…. friend's house. I'll be home in a few minutes."

"Honey, where are you going?" Arien asks as she wakes up and Riley starts to stand up.

"I have to go." He says, he bends down and kisses her. "Bye, Arien."