Here, at the end of all things, Serenity held the knife and once again questioned her motives. Life had left her nothing after her sister's death. Life had given her nothing. She was alone and hopeless. There was no one left for her. Serenity knew what it meant to be truly alone.

So why live? Why struggle each day with sitting all alone in the empty apartment, surrounded by nothing but memories. Memories that delved deep into her past. Memories that she wished she could let go of. They were nothing but mere remnants of a life that was long gone. If that life was gone, why live, waiting for another to come along? After all, one only receives one life during the years they are in existence. So why live? Why bear the pain silently while the rest of the world lives on, unaware of the pain?

The knife moved closer.

Serenity's hand faltered and she hesitated. Something, or perhaps someone, was keeping her from joining her sister in the heavens. Something was stopping her, blocking her way to sweet redemption. Serenity tried but her hand would not move. It was frozen like the emotions that had once poured out of her. These emotions had resulted in tears, salty tears that ran down her cheek as softly as a rose petal. Roses. They were Serenity's favorite flowers. But roses die quickly. The pleasant aroma disappears first. What brought a rush of satisfaction is the first to go. And then, the color begins to fade. Slowly, life is drained out of a single rose as it struggles to live on. Finally, death rears its ugly head and sniffs out what remaining strength that solitary rose once had.

Serenity's pale hand moved closer, still clutching the knife.

She was once beautiful. But then, a rare sickness overtook her and her character began to lose its liveliness. The next symptom was her skin. It began to lose the glowing color and instead, an unsettling paleness crept into her body. But still, she lingered on. Her sister took care of her. Serenity had no one else but her sister. But then, that one fatal night occurred and her sister was forever lost in the vast emptiness of the world.

Death had reared its head and was preparing to blow. The knife crept closer.

She didn't know what happened but suddenly, her sister was gone. Serenity had cried out in need and her sister was no longer there. Then Serenity saw. She saw her sister surrounded by dancing lights and menacing smiles. Serenity reached out her hand, hoping that her sister would come back but she did not. As Serenity watched with horror, her sister slowly moved, almost as if time itself had slowed to witness the misery and surprise. Serenity's sister fell into the darkness that had eagerly waited long years to consume its final victim. She fell into the same darkness as all the others had fallen into. All Serenity could do was watch helplessly as evil too a hold of the last pure thing in her life.

The knife moved steadily but stopped midway.

There was still something that refused to be silenced. A quiet voice inside her head that would cry out whenever something became too dangerous or evil. She did not know what it was, but it was screaming at her now to drop the knife. Why? Why must she suffer when those she had once loved were now living in harmony? Do not fall into the darkness, the voice said with strength. Serenity shook her head. She would never fall into the darkness that had devoured her parents, her boyfriend and now, her sister. No. There was only one way to end this.

Serenity's hand lingered, though she commanded it with all her strength.

NO. The voice inside told her not to perform the action that she craved for with all her heart. Serenity faltered. Her sister deserved this. Her sister deserves a chance for salvation and peace, just as her parents and boyfriend did. And Serenity had granted it. She had let them go. She had removed the burden they had carried by not allowing them to care for her. Now, it was her sister's turn to receive it, before she fell further into the darkness. But the voice inside her head kept on saying no. Why, WHY can't you just leave me alone, Serenity screamed silently in her head. But the voice refused to leave. It told her to give her sister one more chance to escape the darkness.

The darkness. It was what people expected one to be in the 22nd century: perfect. Strong, beautiful and loving was what people wanted. And one by one, Serenity's loved ones fell into it. They fell into the stereotype of the materialistic world. Serenity had hoped that her sister would resist with her, but the longer her sister had resisted, the more she craved to be normal. And now, Serenity had to let her go and be at peace.

The knife was plunged deep into her sister's heart and all was still.