This is not you average romance and no this isn't another reinvention of Romeo and Juliet, to tell you the truth it's more Sampson and Delilah/Batman and Catwoman than Romeo and Juliet. This epic answers the age-old question "Why did Sampson love Delilah?"

A lot of the characters in this story are inspired by real people in history. This is what I call a "What if?" account, taking famous events and people out of history and seeing what would happen if so and so happened instead.

For example: What if the Kennedy's really did murder Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra and the mob set up President Kennedy's assassination in revenge after finding out he was behind her murder-that's a "What if?" plot.

That it what this epic is…a big juicy "What if?" set to answer the age old question-Why did Sampson love Delilah?

But the main reason for me writing this, is my thirst to study and devour the delicious and intense relationship between Batman and Catwoman.