I Just Wish…

Why can no one see me?
My pain, my suffering, my shit existence
I'm the understanding girl, the happy girl.
I care for everyone else, but myself.
Their problems are more important.
Mine it seems are not.
I guess I really am worthless.
No one cares, no one sees the pain I feel.
I'm never boastful or conceited.
I just wish someone would help me for once.
The battle, my life, is one soldier.
I can't take the never ending five-nines.
I want to die, to be laid to rest,
In that little white coffin that would suit my dress.
I don't give a shit anymore, about me, neither you.
Your happy news I could care less.
Telling me to stop, everything I like, this from various people.
I don't care if it hurts me, I don't care if you hurt even.
I don't even care to lie…
Endless lies, wrapped around my heart, laden in the dark.
When will the light shine through?
I'm sorry for this but its how I feel and I guess I make it a big deal.
Coz no one else will, my problems are dismissed, like a little soft kiss.
As long as it doesn't concern you, there's no need to care.
I feel like shit with everything going on, I just wish... I had someone.

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