The Black Card

Leoanda Taylor


In the world of the future, money is no more. Instead, small coloured cards made from a mysterious metal that has been newly created has taken control of every life on Earth. Without a card you cannot buy goods, run a business, or even live in a house. These cards are controlled by the Earth's 'Klogi Goverment'.

The 'Klogi' were a band of Black Market dealers who took control by introducing the cards which were made by total accident. Dark creators using science experimented with different and rare materials, before creating something totally new.

These cards came in certain colours to define how much they were worth.

Yellow cards were the weakest and most worthless of the cards. Yellow were commonly known as 'Card Change'. Yellows were used to buy small and useless things, but it was the best a poor man could afford to get.

Orange cards were more common among the working classes. Orange cards would keep your house electricity going for a week before a new card was to be needed. Orange cards could also be used for many things and they were the most common colour seen.

Then there are the Red cards. Red cards are commonly used among the middle classes. Red cards meant that the owner was slightly wealthy and heading down the right road to great fourtune. Red cards were not as common and hardly seen in the lower levels of society.

Next are the Green cards. Green meant wealth. You could run a large company if you had Green cards, and you could run it successfully. Only middle classes had these types of cards, and they are rare even among the middle classes.

And then, there are the Blue cards. Only people working high in the Klogi Goverment ever see these cards. They are very rare, and very valuable. Blue cards held power. Blue cards controlled. And Blue cards meant important

Known only to those few scientists and a few members of the Klogi Goverment who created and manufactured the always used cards, a special card had been created. The First card. This card was special and the only one made. It granted power, and it granted the closest thing to what could be called, Freedom. This card was dark. Pure black. And it was known as The Black Card

This card was a Hacker's dream, a poor mans mirical, and the backing of the Klogi Goverment's first experiments. This card could get the person carrying it anywere. It would give them infinate money and resourses.

But, it would also destroy any equipment in order to do it's job. This led the Klogi to ban themselves from ever using the card again in case their well built and never failing system was broken down and destroyed, leaving the Earth free. The Black Card was hidden away far beneath the Earth. Never to be used. Never to be found.

These cards are the start of a new Era. An era full of darkness...... and greed........


Damn it! Damn it all to Hell! He thought as he thrust the ID card into the slot. The slot was small and thin but big enough for his ID to smoothly slip through. Looking up over the door frame, he shifted his weight from one foot to the other anxiously. Come on you stupid thing!

"Your Identification to this living area has expired. Please reactivate your Identification, and try again. Thankyou."

"You what?! My Identification has not expired. It shouldn't expire for another six months at least. Stupid machine.... expired, huh? I'll show you expired when I rip your mains to shreds and cause you to malfunction. Then who's expired? Huh?!" He muttered glaring at the door to his fully locked apartment. He carried on muttering countless colourful words at the machine. Of course, the machine known as 'Pilu' could not hear any response to her words as she was not an AI ((An Artificial Intelligance)).

'Pilu' is the first and only machine that works for the Klogi Goverment. Pilu watches and keeps track of every ID on Earth. Even though the machine is just that, a machine, it has the voice and slight personality of a human woman. How long Pilu has been active is still unknown. But as long as the Klogi's are incharge Pilu will continue to be used to keep her ever watchful machine senses on every ID and Card ever to be created.

Kicking a foot against the ID activated door, He reflected on how everything was run by that 'stupid' goverment, and that he'd like to give them a piece of his mind.

A large and twisted smirk crossed His face for a few precious seconds. Give them a piece of my mind..... Not a bad idea. Not bad at all.

The smirk grew as He moved down the dank and death ridden corridor. A glint of exitement and malice apparant in His eyes.

"This is going to be fun."