The Black Card
Chapter 1

Leoanda Taylor


"Thankyou for showing your Idenification. You may now enter." Pilu's voice never changed while excecuting that simple yet polite sentance.

"Wish every female was like that, then maybe I'd get a date at some point in my life."

Name: David Joseph Grayson
Age: 27
Characteristics: Blues eyes, blond/brown hair
Occupation: Miner of Listof Corp. - A group working for the Klogi
Status: Working Class, uses yellow, orange, and on the occasion red cards.

A sigh escaped David's lips as he flopped down onto his couch, sprawling slightly not really bothered that his flatmate and best friend was giving him the once over. "You could just come over to my side," he answered, smirking and eyebrows wriggling in goodnature.

Name: Craig Maiyson
Age: 29
Characteristics: Grey eyes, black hair
Occupation: Office-clergy of Listof Corp. - A group working for the Klogi
Status: Working Class, uses yellow, orange, and on the occasion red cards.

"Oh, no! I didn't mean it like that!" David let out a laugh, and waved off his gay-bestfriend's joking offer. "I don't go that way," he finished.

"Pitty. You are really quite the looker," Craig laughed now, folding up his newspaper and leaning forward slightly, resting his hands over his crossed knees. "I know a few people who would just love to get their hands on you."

"Great, I'm a gay icon!" The two laughed for a few moments, as this had been a re-occuring joke since they were young.

Despite their different tastes in the love department, they had much in common, and work was just one of them. Politics was another.

"The Klogi are giving out more rules I see. Anything you can do about it, Craig?" David joked, knowing that as high as Craig was going, he wouldn't enter goverment territory unless his life depended on it - and even then there had to be a cute guy there for that to happen.

Going serious for a few seconds, Craig focused on his now cold cup of tea. "Well, as for the acctual rules, no. But as for Card circumstances.... It's possible."

"Eh? Card cir- you mean that banking problem with that guy messing up every sector of computing technology? The Freak Hacker? What are you getting at?" David sat forward, his sole focus was on Craig and what he was going to say.

"My Card's are getting cut. I'll be on orange and yellow like you before we know it. And you'll be on yellows. As will all the miners. It's gonna be big trouble," he answered taking a long draught from his cold tea.

"No way! They can't do that! We won't be able to aford anything! This place is costly enough as it is!" David spoke, eyes wide and his arms spread out indicating their little apartment that they shared. It was a two bedroom, one bathroom(well, toilet, sink and shower at least) and a joint kitchen and living area. The decoration wasn't to great, but it was still 'home'.

"Like I said, theres something that can be done about it. Or at least, there might be." Craig's eyes never left his tea cup as his mind muddled over the possibility that he had found out about accidently.

"What do you mean? What possibility?"



Having come out of yet another meeting that day, Craig started to make his way to his office, before realising that he had accidently left his jacket in the business room. So naturally, he went back for it. It wouldn't be a problem, he'd just slip in and get the jacket then get out before anyone noticed.

Only, it didn't happen that way.

After lifting his newest jacket onto his shoulders and checking all of the pockets, he noticed the file that had been left on the desk. Naturally, someone must have forgotten to have taken it with them. So checking it, he found that somethings were just not ment to be.

End Flashback


" 'And' what?" Craig finally looked up at David, who was guesturing him to go on.

"What was in it?"

"I can't tell you."

"Why? Your my best friend, we tell each other everything! What's so different now?" David narrowed his eyes and sat back, slightly offended and disapointed.

"I'll be going out tonight, and I'm not sure what'll happen. And yes, before you say anything, it's because of the file." Craig, sighed, stitting back as well and smiling a sad-dreamy smile over at David. "I'm really gonna miss you. Any gal will be lucky to have ya."

"You what?" Craig only ever went back into his old accent when something bad was going to happen. "What's happening? What's wrong? Where are you going?"

"Nothin'. Nothin'. And out." Craigs smile formed as a small chuckle slipped past his lips.

"I want to go too. If you get into any trouble, I'll be there to help then." David reached out his hand to pat Craigs knee, assuring him that one would not leave without the other tonight. Craig sighed.



A huge, dirty, old, broken-down and almost decrepid factory lay in view of the mine. It was a factory long out of use, and yet there was still noises that could sometime be heard coming from within. Of course, there were the usual stories of Ghosts, and Spirits, and the usual stories of secret gangs meeting there. Other tales told of how goverment agents and representatives worked there secretly sometimes. None knew just how true those tales were.

Deep withing the building, down an elevator and 26ft deep underground, a littered and old lab lay still and dorment, only two doors leading out, one back up the lifts, the other deeper under the mines.

Within the lab, chemicals and powders that had long lost their use, the floor and containers containing years worth of dust lay untouched. Yet the floor had a small pathway where there was no long ary dust present, leaving foot markings leading from one door to the other in a straight line.

And it was this particular fact that had two figures nervous.

"I though no one used this place. How come the dust has been moved?" The first figure whispered.

"How am I supposed to know? I'm just a hacker!" The second figure whispered back. They both traced over the foot markings thinking it safe to remain unknown. Creeping silently through the door on the far side of the room, the two figures look back for a final few seconds.

"You ready?"


"Well, why did you come then?"

"Why is Pilu not here? Why isn't she asking us for our Idenifictations? This is weird and wrong."

Craig sighed. David was right though. Pilu had not said nor gave any indication whatsoever that she was present or watching. And that was weird. Not nesercairly wrong, but weird nonetheless.

"I don't know. Maybe she can't work here? Who cares? Come on, lets go," whispered Craig who was now making his way to the elevator that would take them down 26ft into the Earth.

"I care. And I'm also broke now. God! - if there is one - Bring this misery of my friend to an end," David muttered more to himself than this now smirking companion.

The rushing of water was the only sound that came through the deep, mudy and slime covered walls of the corridor that seemed to emit a redish light of some sort. Deeper and much steeper down into the Earth, several decayed and rust collected mecha's lay dormant as the experiments of old are now laying dormant within the heart of this underground place.

A rank and decayed smell came from this place of destruction, as files, yellowed papers and writing equipment seemed to have me thrown everywhere as if a sudden alert had sounded. No amount of technology could have saved this place, no matter the advancetion.

But with only the red light to direct anyone there, you wouldn't be able to notice that despite the obvious abandonment, somethings were set carefully and neatly on tables, and liquids were placed down solely so that they would not be spilt or their glass containers broken.

Some of these chemicals had been abandoned because of one reason: The Black Card.

Yes. We had been discovered. Our experiments left in our rush to leae before the last goverment had managed to get their hands on us. No we worked for the Klogi, and the Klogi alone. Afterall, they were the ones that had put money into our experiments.

But, The Black Card was not the objective of our experiments. No. Something less sinister and less provocotive and much less powerful was meant to take place. The card that had been first created was due to an accident that killed sixteen of my scientists. It's a good thing that I had twenty-nine working on the project.

But it wasn't good as this card meant only one thing: Destruction.

And that secret is going to be known very soon, and by the most unthought of people.

"What the-!"


"Oh, yeah, like thats not going to get heard!"

"HEY!!!! Who's there?"

"Uh oh!"


In the darkness of the corridor that had lead David and Craig down deeper into the Earth than what they had already been, the two friends had somehow managed to sneek their way through a second lab - containing many more dusty chemicals - and through yet another corridor, but this one was much more guarded.

Running back up into the lad, David swerved behind a cabinet, dragging Craig with him. The guard ran past, calling out into his radio.

"Shoot! Now what?" David hissed into Craigs ear.

"Lets go! It's not much further, I think," Craig answered making his way through the door and once again down the corridor.

"You think? You think? What the Hell is that supposed to mean? Don't you know where we're going?" David glared at Craig's back, trying to burn a hole with his eyes through the rough black jacket.

"Well.... not really."

David smaked his head, before sighing and taking the lead through the corridor, keeping an eye out for any more guards.

The first figure stopped dead in their tracks. The second had already done so not a moment before.

"Oh no.. I hope we haven't been found out," the second figure whispered, pushing itself against the dark wall, and listening for any more shouts. That was not a good sign.

"Well, at least we know we got the right place. I mean, what would a guard be doing down here if we hadn-"


"Bleeding Hell!"

The two figures tried an unusal tactic to escape the guard and make their way downwards - they went straight for him. And as if on cue, the guard lept to the floor while the two figures rushed past, making their way and trying to put as much distance between the guard as possible.

"Anymore bright idea's sunshine?" The first figure asked the second, who sweatdropped.

"Well.... yes. But none are to do with our current situation. So, no, I don't." The second figure looked back to see if the guard had put any chase on them. "I don't think he's coming after us anymore."

"Really? Well, just to be sure, Shut Up!"

The second figure huffed.

The black silluate of a .28mm gun could been seen with the red hue of the underground light reflecting of of it. It was facing upwards and at the first entrance to the room. For the secrets of the cards to be known... one had to go.

A pity really, I was starting to like him.

Slowly, and almost silently, David and craig made their way through the corridor, and came upon a metal door. Shrugging, David tried to inch it open - No such luck.

"Look's like we're gonna have ta push it open all da way," Craig sighed, coming up to David and started pushing the door open. Having done so, David stepped through the door, his arm holding onto Craig's sleeve.


The first figure moaned once again as they came to yet another bleeding door, only this one was metalic, and looked quite new.

The second figure was once again typing away at it's mini-computer that it had designed secretly and the first figure was the only one that knew about it.

"How long is this going to take?" The first figure snapped, now annoyed.

"Not long, not long," The second figure returned. "Please be patient, Lucifer. This is a difficult process."

The first figure - now identified as Lucifer - growled. "I'm not happy with this, and I am most certainly not happy with the Goverment, so get a mover on."

Taking a slight step back the second figure, bit on their lip, concentrating on the small screen that was going through several layouts of the building structure and it's levels.

"Rose, what's the problem? Your chewing on your lip, and thats a sure sign somethings wrong." Lucifer asked, once again irritated, his eyes narrowed.

"Well....... there's no map of this level. I don't know what's behind that door." Rose locked weary blue eyes with Lucifers own narrowed black ones. She gulped and let he hands drop to her sides.

"Whatever. It doesn't matter, all we have to do is open the flipping thing and then we'll find out what's behind it." Lucifer gave no other comment and spun around pushing his full wight against the heavy door, pushing it open.

"Nonononononononononononononononononono! No! NO! Craig!" David caught Craig in his arms, letting him slowly to the ground, his eyes darting to the person who was now putting their gun away, and watching the scene with curious red eyes.

"What have you done? Oh, Craig! Are you okay? Talk to me!" David put his hand over Craig's heart feeling for a heartbeat - and finding none. "Craig?" He whispered.

"He's gone, and it's not like he's needed. You'll get over it."

David's furious and now reddened eyes glared stakes, daggers and bullets into the young woman standing before him.

Leoanda: Mecha - machines/technology/mechanical equipment. Sorry, but this is my word for it
Advancetion - Once again, I apologise. This is my word, basically it means advancing

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