Demons of Creation

Book I: Those Who Walk The Path Of Vigilance

"Whatever you don't use, you lose." -The High Instructor, taken from Hymns of Steel and Might

Prologue: The Dreamer

The star itself was dying. Eons ago, it was a bright, yellow ball. Now, the sun was a dying red giant. There were no life-bearing planets around this star, but the system did have some form of inhabitant. Orbiting around the dying sun was an entity. This very large, unique entity was referred as 'The Dreamer' by the handful of sentient beings that knew of its existence.

The Dreamer was not a new arrival to the system. It had arrived billions of years prior, when this star was a young yellow one. The Dreamer was lured to the system by the young star, so it could bask it in its warmth. The Dreamer had traveled through the cold void of space for ages, so it could reach another star and restore itself. However, this was more of the Dreamer's analog of "instinct." It was not a "conscious decision."

The Dreamer used to be fully sentient. However, the billions of years of solitude and acting on nothing but "instinct" had taken their toll. The once godlike mind of the Dreamer was reduced, as it did not consciously think any longer. To the Dreamer, everything seemed to be a dream. Its "memories" decayed over time, within the slowly fading mind of the Dreamer.

The thought process of the Dreamer was difficult for a normal mind to comprehend. It was a series of non-linear "thoughts" added by a variety of "senses" that detected every particle in every bit of space around the Dreamer, as well as in parallel dimensions. Those same senses allowed it to control several of those particles and parallel dimensions, but the Dreamer did not use those.

However, while such senses were functioning, the Dreamer was not aware of its surroundings. While it had the capacity to rewrite reality if it wished, it no longer had any control. If its full mind was functioning, it was a god. All that remained of the Dreamer, though, was a shell. The shell of an idiot, blind god with no control of its powers.

As the Dreamer orbited the dying red giant, it was unaware of its plight. Soon, the red giant would go supernova, and destroy the Dreamer around it. If the Dreamer was awakened, it could easily restore the star to its prime, or at least have enough sense to move out of the blast radius. However, now, unaware of the danger to itself, the Dreamer contained its dreaming.