Chapter 38 – Rizka

This was really bad. I couldn't leave the house. I couldn't hang out with my friends. When I told Jake that I was practically under house arrest for the rest of the summer, he didn't believe me.

My parents had absolutely no faith in me at all. They didn't even want me to have friends that are guys, let alone a boyfriend. They were hippies, and everyone knows hippies did more than proclaim peace—what happened?

All I was doing was moping around in the house because I knew that my entire summer and possibly the rest of my life was ruined because my parents still thought that I was a little girl. I know I'm short, but I wasn't five!

On Friday, the day of the 4th of July faire, my parents finally let me out of the house, but just to go buy some groceries. I gladly took the chance to get out, even if it was for a chore.

As I was walking home, I took out my parent's cell phone to call my friends. I hadn't talked to them in days, and they knew not to call because my parents told their parents that I wasn't getting any calls. They were both getting ready for their dates, which yours truly helped set up, and I was really happy for them. But when it was time for them to go, I felt really deflated that I couldn't go with my dream date, and for the millionth time, I detested my parent's overprotectiveness.

Who knew that I would feel so differently so soon? I was taking the back way to get into my house, when I saw a blond figure by my neighbor's front yard. Was it Jake, I thought. I wanted to see him so badly, I snuck over to the gate so that my parents wouldn't see me when I was surprised by the sight of Jake making out with my next door neighbor! Something in me fired up, and I was almost glad that my parents had grounded me.


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