I Capture the Castle

Atop battlements her fortress stands

Deep, dark, and alone

A stone facade conceals her glittering heart

Sleepily watching the advance

Stoic face towards the misty dawn

Icy manticles grasp sharp edges

Sitting silently on a carpet of green

Carpet frozen to ice

White covers blanket-like in the storm

Still she waits, winking at the stars

sent to accompany the dreary night

Deep within the fortress walls

I watch safe from the tower atop the turret

Wind blowing my hair, cold catching my breath

Watching the dark night settle on the land,

over the stretches of green

Now covered in blackness

they wait, a velvet carpet of ebony

Striding upon this velvet

Reflection off armour

So distant, yet so near

A dream faced with reality

Looks so real.........

A hand shakes my shoulder

and I awake from my daydream

That figure materializes in front of me

then I realize what I'm seeing

Not a dream, but a reality

You are real......

I'm awake, and you're still here

Not foggy at all

Yet still that fantastical illusion of perception

Clouds my vision

Gentle shaking and it comes clear

Standing there, I see you

Smiling like you do

Words in my mouth melt away to non-exisitence

Leaving only you