Breaking the Ties that Bind

Poison slowly drips down

Weaving through the bramble

I wait as it looms before me

A choice

A wish

A thought that travells a thousand mile journey

Thunder crashes steadily

Heedless of attempts to stop the advancement

The rain falls in rivulets,

pouring down as my anger washes away, leaving me with my fears

So I slip beneath this mask that consumes me

Faltering as I find the Light

I can't walk without my concience

I can't help wonder why you ask me

Standing above a great precipice

I lean into the wind

The coldness burns my skin

and tears fall

To the open ground

Above me, the greyest of blue skies spreads vast

All I see is color, and the lack thereof

I'm knocked out as the pain blinds me

I'm knocked down as I stand

A sliver of Light pierces the shadow

I was hoping we would heal each other

I was broken

Now I'm breaking....

Copyright 2005CostumeForAGutterball