13 Miles

By Carter Tachikawa

(The usual birthday piece is up again. I turn 23. God, I feel old. Anyway, enjoy reading. I know, I haven't updated here in forever.)

You've got 13 miles behind you
And 13 miles looking ahead
There's so much left for you to say
But they're better left unsaid
Till the moment you see your wrongs
I won't return to you

You can scrub your hands till they bleed
And you can pat your skin dry
But your infidelity sticks you
And will haunt you till you die
Till the moment you understand
I won't return to you
I won't return to you

Until you close your eyes
And you swear not to look down
And when you fall out of grace
Pray you don't hit the ground


13 miles is all we had left to go
13 miles would lead us to victory
That's what would fill this dream
A dream that was never meant to be

Just know you'll never leave me
I've spent too much time in your mind
And you have such precious things
That you can't bear to leave behind
Till the moment you speak to me
I won't give them back to you

Until you fall to your knees
And give up this petty fight
I promise to drag you down
For the rest of your life


And you can run to save yourself
But you'll never hide from memories
A guilty conscious won't let you go
So complete 13 more miles with me


Just say you're sorry now
And I swear to forget
Smash your guilt to pieces
Release your regret
So let's run 13 more miles together
And be happy
13 miles is all we have left to go


Copyright 2005: Carter Tachikawa

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