Gold Versus Pyrite

I cry at the thought of her in your arms

The very place I yearn to be

But if she's your heart's choice

Do me a favor and be happy

I may sob

I may cry

But you'll be glad

So I'll put on a face for you

Becaue if I'm gloomy, you're sad

Depression will be tamed

Anger will be quelled

Jelousy shall be tranquilized

And all those moments

Were for nothing

But you won't know that

Because I'll keep it to myself

All to my lonely self

While you're off in heaven

Oblivious to my hell

Competition is fierce

Although this is no contest

Choices are still difficult

But the decision should be rather easy

For you

It's like gold against pyrite

Diamond versus cubic zirconia

Only in this world, they cost the same


Which would you choose?