Zombie Like Me

The dark that ensnares my being

Please wake me up

Corrupting me; I'm now a zombie

Please tell me it's not real

I stumble through nothingness

Please, no

Legs stiff after just learning to walk this path

Please tell me you lied

In these shoes of lead and steel

Please save me

Shuffling through each day now

Please don't say it

Trying not to fall as I fight the blizzard

Please stop staring

Cold and frigid air freezes me

Please, your stare is too cold

I can't make it

Please help

I'm falling back

Please wait

I'm watching you move on

Please, it can't be

With that human girl over there

Please, I'm so empty

After all, a zombie like me

Please don't go

Could never stand out in your mind

Please, don't leave

But there you go

Please, don't let me freeze

Frozen swords race toward my heart like magnets

Please, hold me one last time

But you walk on