papery hands and there's my heartbeat

steady and strong for no one

shattered vials no use crying over

spilt blood

non-existent valentines that were never

found slid between the vents in a

cobalt blue locker.

brought to my knees begging pleading

playing the part of fool for every production

maybe it's time to try on a new mask

new script more lines to learn.

it's never too late to turn around

and see your ghost at my shoulder

realizing my truth has faded out

I am no one I am needed by no one

screams lost in the sky along with

your lies

smirks in my direction oh, bouncing

harmlessly off of my glass features

right back at you-

now where are my crystal slippers

and pumpkin carriage? Carry me off

into nowhere 'cause I need no prince

rain scattered on the skylight drumming

away steady and strong

like my heartbeat