Dancing upon the moonlight.

The grounds moonlit.

Seeing our shadows reflect upon the buildings.

Dancing the night away.

Dancing without a care.

He was quite a bit taller than I, but we didn't care.

Just to be so close, just to be able to dance.

For an instant, I am happy.

I can smile, I can giggle, and I can appreciate several things, just in this one instant.

Dancing upon the moonlight streets, having fun.

Just being teens.

Lost in the game of love.

The song starts to end; yet I never want to let go of the moment.

Caught up in the bittersweet rush of a dance.

Of a teen love.

Many people don't know what it's like to have that first real dance, or that first kiss.

But I do. Well for now.

Until I wake up from this dream.

It was only a dream, one that I long to come true. But for now, it'll rest peacefully in my mind, where I can reflect on it.

For me to come back to, just to dance upon the moonlight, no matter what time of day.