RomeoJuliet's Requiem


Open your eyes

See the light

Save him

Save yourself

It's okay

They can't hurt you anymore

He shall be there when you awake

From slumber divine

Never understanding

Never listening

Softly weeping

You hide your sorrow behind that smile

Less convincing every time

A part of you dies as you watch

Your mouth betray you

Smile at yourself in the glass

Watch as your reflection winces

The mirror of conflict

You can't stand it

No longer will you hold yourself untrue

For he is the only love that shall ever be for you

Step silently down the stair

Creeping out your window to meet him in the dusk

They think you're asleep

He knows you're awake

And so he waits until the late sun

He compares your beauty to the sun

The kind of sun that can only shine at night

A star losing its brightness in the shadow of duty

You would die for him

He would die for you

And yet you both never live

To see this come true

Not to meddle with Fate

Your aspiring stars collide

And the friction burns the rope

Leaving you both hanging

Can't you see

The sun burns out

The brightness fades

Illuminated by the ghost of a bright silouhette

Glimmer of a knife

Shot of a gun

And together forever in death

Love you too

I love thee forever

Whilst you both lie in blue