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"I just finished unpacking last night and today is my first day at this school daddy insisted on me going. Harbor High.

I'm glad that he is doing well with his new job, but that doesn't mean that he had the right to change my entire life! But that didn't stop him. We all moved from New York City, which I loved so much, where all my friends were, where if felt home, where there were so many different things to do, and now we're here in California, in this place called Orange County, where all you see are guys with their t-shirt offs, showing off their bodies that look like that because they probably are loaded with those anabolic stuff. And also there're girls in their tiny bikinis, showing off their great bodies and no brains. Not to mention that I hate beaches, sand, sun, the whole thing. Man, I have no idea what I'm doing here! I hate my father for doing this to me! But I guess he had no other choice…

I feel sooooo out of place. I have no idea what I'm doing here. I mean, the house is great, it's much bigger than our apartment in New York, but I liked our apartment. It felt cozy. Now we're in a two storage house and I don't know why we need all that space for, because it's mainly me, mom, dad and Johnny. Why do we need a house as big? I don't get it.

And school! This school is the worst! I can't even begin to describe it. I don't know, but what pictures it best are those sets they pick for Teen People magazine to shoot models with those hot clothes you don't see people wearing regularly in the street, so they can show those clothes in the magazine and teenage girls like these from harbor will go crazy to buy them and start wear them to show them off, you know? Man, I hate that! And before, I thought we could only see those kind of people in TV shows or movies or something, but actually, here, you see people dressed like that. It looks like all these people came straight out of Teen People magazine, and it freaks me out! I'm just wearing my old t-baby and my light jeans and I feel really bad.

I wanna get out of here, but it's not even lunch yet! I'm just stuck here, writing on my journal, pretending to take notes of this boring biology class. Which makes me wonder… why did I pick biology this year anyway? I hate biology. Urgh… I'm hating everything right now actually, and come to think about it, biology doesn't suck as much as my life does at this point.

Oh, God… will I ever make one single friend here? Really doubt it, because I can't stand these Ken and Barbie dolls. Maybe I can convince Tara and Maggie to come and move to California. They can stay at my house. Space wouldn't be a problem. Oh, what am I saying? It doesn't make any sense! Why would they move here? Their parents would never agree. Urgh… I just need something to do. To take my mind out of these things. Maybe I'll join a club or something. I know it sounds lame, but people probably already see me as geek, so, what's the harm in that?"

The bell rang and Brandi didn't rush to close her diary. She wasn't really looking forward to having lunch. Lunch hour break was always the worst. Where would she sit? Maybe she should skip lunch. One day without lunch wouldn't harm her, right?

Her stomach made a weird sound and she realized she couldn't miss lunch. She was starving.

'Ok. So I'm having lunch. I don't care if I sit alone. I have my diary with me. Ok, I'm going.'

Brandi got out of class, stood by the door and turned her head to the right and then to the left, trying to find where the damn cafeteria was.

"Oh, great!" she said out loud to no one in particular.

When she turned around to head to her right side, she bumped into someone, which made her drop her biology book and diary.

"Ouch. Don't you see where you're going, dude? Jeez." Brandi snapped out.

"Sorry. I really didn't see you there." he kneeled down to help her collect her belongings.

"Clearly! Probably you were too busy checking some cheerleader's ass or boobs or whatever." Brandi wasn't being nice and actually wasn't even trying.

"Ouch. That hurt." he said sarcastically and Brandi picked up on that, so she got her things and while standing up, took her first look on the boy "You're not from around here, are you?" he asked, but got nothing in return.

Brandi heard the words coming out of his mouth, but just didn't assimilate what they meant. She was mesmerized by those sweet, brown eyes. Maybe the sweetest eyes she had ever seen. The eyes were all she was seeing, actually. She had never being so captivated by someone's eyes before.

"Hello? Are you there?" he snapped his fingers in front of her eyes.

"I gotta go." she turned and left the place in a hurry.

"But, wait, your pen!" he said, but that didn't stop her from disappearing into the crowd.