A/N: I wrote this story last year based off a continuing role play with a friend, but I wrote it on a school computer, now that I no longer go to that school, I had to re-write it, so things aren't exactly the same, the attire, the names, and the main idea for the story is still all the same. But please if you like it let me know so I know to write more about it. Thank you.

He pulled her in tight next to him. Her head tilted to the side, not trying to fight. She put her arms loosely at her sides. While he had his left hand on her lower back helping to support her standing. He slowly tilted his head towards her neck, then pierced her unscarred neck and slowly began to drink her blood. Slowly he started to pull away, while she was starting to turn pale and cold. Her eyes were shut and half way between life and death. He licked her neck, to close the wound, slit his wrist and put it to her mouth as she started to drink. Then he pulled his wrist away, licked it and spoke one, short word, in his deep raspy voice.


She nodded and fell asleep on the bed that was next to them.

Her name was Elizabeth. She had silver hair, purple eyes that could change shapes and colors. She wears a white dress now, with a white cape cloak thing wrapped around her shoulders with her white diamond brooch. Either way you looked at it, she was still the ruler of Arcadia, but maybe not anymore because she's now a vampire, and in Arcadia's rules, you can't have any affiliation with a vampire otherwise you would be ex-communicated. No warnings, no nothing, but they thought sense you lived there, you'd know the rules.

The man that had changed her into a vampire was known to stay in the darkness unless he wanted to see Elizabeth; due to they had been lovers for about a year now. Keeping their relationship a secret for a year. After they started dating Elizabeth was so much nicer, and much happier. No one wondered why though.

His name was Blake, he never said much, nor did anyone see him much except for Elizabeth. Blake wore a black trench all the time, and a crimson colored shirt, with black pants, along with black boots.

He was shocked with on how her blood tasted, it was almost like a crimson colored liquid candy. A sweet flavored blood. Unlike any other that he's drank before. He didn't know why it tasted so different yet it did, and he loved it.

After about two hours Elizabeth woke up with a start. She didn't remember what happened or how it happened. But she looked around her room to find her purple eyes changing over to a reddish color, when they met Blake's dark figure sitting in the dark of her room.


"Yes Elizabeth?" He said while walking towards her.

"What happened?"

"You don't remember?"

"No, I just remember you about ready to change me."

"Ah, well you're a vampire now."

"Okay, may explain the small pain in my neck."

"That's to be expected, you must get used to things."

She nodded and walked over and stood next to him.

He patted his left leg for her to sit on it. She did just that, and she kissed him on the cheek.

"Your first feed should be in a few days."

"Days? I thought Vampires couldn't go out in sunlight."

"Oh, that's just a legend, we can go out when we please, just people don't realize that we're vampires until too late."


They then ceased talking when Elizabeth's mother came in and Blake dissipated as soon as the door opened.

"Good morning mother."

"Good morning sweetheart, sleep well?"

"Yes, I did." She said trying to hide her slightly enlarged fangs.

"Something doesn't seem right with you Elizabeth, what went on last night?"

"Nothing." She said and she forgot to hide her teeth with her lips.


"That's right, I am, It happened last night, and you know what, I'm actually glad to be leaving, Arcadia has nothing really for me to offer, I can't do anything for it, and it can't do anything for me. So you go on and continue to rule Arcadia, with out me."

Elizabeth got a running start to her window, and before she was about ready to crash into the window she disappeared into thin air. She walked around on roofs outside of Arcadia and started to look for Blake.

He approached her from behind and he put his hand on her shoulder.

"Looking for someone?"

Slightly startled by his voice. She turned because she knew whom it was, his voice was simply un-miscible.

"Yes, would you happen to know where a Blake is?" She said jokingly.

"No Ma'am, I don't, but do you know where and Elizabeth is?" He replied, half smiling.

"No, sir." She said with a small smile and gave him a hug.

They both went into the Vampire district and then they found a small little inn that was perfect and got a room and spent the day there resting.

A few days later….

Elizabeth was starting to get hungry, her lust for blood was so strong she had to find someone, and she found them, cornered in an alley.

She slowly walked up to them sense their back was turned to her; she pulled her close enough to her and sunk her fangs into her neck. She drained her halfway and pulled her fangs out of her neck, and dropped her. Then she returned to Blake who wasn't fully awake, his last feed was when he changed her and he needed food, desperately.

She walked over to him and picked him up and put him in a bed and sat him up a little bit and sat down next to him.

"Blake, the last time you fed was when you changed me. You need to get some food."

He nodded in acknowledgment weakly, but said nothing. Elizabeth was getting worried, so she put him against a wall and took her dagger and slit her wrist and pushed it to his mouth.

Blake didn't want to drink her blood again even though he loved it he didn't want to take too much and for her to die. But he knew its what she wanted so he began to drink from her wrist.

Elizabeth was starting to feel a bit faint, and she didn't want to fall because she wanted Blake to get enough. But shortly there after she slowly started to pull back because of she was starting to fall. She fell to the ground and Blake knew he had probably taken too much. But he licked her wrist to close the wound and placed her on the bed that he was originally in and waited by her side until she woke.

About an hour later she slowly woke up and she was rubbing her temples.



Happy she was still "alive" he crawled up next to her and hugged her tightly.

"I'm so happy you're still here."

"Where else would I go, Blake?"

"Do you not remember what happened?"

"No, I don't actually."

Blake went on to tell his story and showed her the slight scarring on her wrist from where she sliced it with her dagger just to let him live.

"Oh." She said surprised.

"Yes, and I'm grateful that you're still around."

She smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips. He kissed back and he hadn't let go of her yet.

About a moment later a few vampire killers came in and Blake told Elizabeth to hide because she was still getting used to her Vampire powers and being a Vampire.

She did what she was told to do and she hid in a closet.

After about twenty minutes of hissing, screams, the crossing of the silver blades of their swords and daggers, she heard someone fall, and a final scream. Then everything ceased from there and then doors opened, and then closed again. She ran out and to survey the damage, she found Blake dead on the floor with cuts on his neck and a wooden steak to his heart. Elizabeth pulled him up onto her lap and cried and stroked his hair.

After she pulled him up onto her lap her white dress soon started to become blood red where she had him across her lap. She didn't care she just lost her friend, her guidance, and lastly her lover.

He put his life on the line, and lost it, she will never forget Blake, and she will continue to hunt down the vampires who killed him. Now she only wishes it was she instead of him.