I Finally See Your Heart…

One by one the sides go up.
Me left standing, alone, abandoned.
Words cannot penetrate this.
Flowing through this wall no sound heard.
Silence running deep through my veins.
Darkness capturing my sight, grabbing hold.
Chest getting tight, lungs giving way.
Breathing no longer easy, head spinning with fright.
Your calls can't penetrate through this night.
My heart is breaking, head is thinking.
I'm all-alone, by myself no one there to give me help.
Faint noise, starts coming through, echoes living proof.
Vision clears, breathing settles, and head stops.
A voice of an angel coming through the wall.
Saying words that I can't recall.
Blinding light envelops my box, like that of love.
Words getting clearer by the second.
All I can hear is the lull of words.
Floating gently through the walls.
Becoming more and more lucid.
Then the words finally become clear.
They say with hope and joy.
Alex, I Love You!!!
Tears come to my eyes.
Love pierced deep my heart.
The walls finally fall apart.
I finally see your heart...

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