Intergalactic Savages By:Andrew Troy KelIer

It had taken place inside a neutral space station within the Monfri solar system within the latter half of the Twenty Eighth Century,for at long last,after six long years,Earth was finally about to make peace with their enemies,a race of savage beings known as the Vikrons.

But,as soon as their representives had sent foot aboard the neutral station and started looking over the female personal,it would've been quite obvious to any senior officer that they've had other ideas in mind.

However,their little bit of deception was still unknown to the other members of the United Galaxies and Star Corps Command,who still felt that the Vikrons' request for a peaceful truce was legitimate.

As a matter of fact,the only Star Corps officer who still believes that the Vikrons are still a deadly threat to the entire universe is a hot shot pilot named Lt. Steven Rodenberry,who would rather have his head smashed in with a baseball bat than make friends with the Vikrons.

Anyway,after the Vikrons had walked into the meeting room and saw Admiral Sherman Cox,the head of Star Corps Command sitting in front of them,Captain Hagrog,one of the Vikron representives had sat down in another chair and asked,"Do you have the treaty for us to sign?"

"Why,yes.I do indeed have it all ready for your signature.",answered a smiling Admiral Cox,after he had handed the treaty over to Hagrog."Just look it over and sign on the dotted line."

But then,after he had looked the treaty over and just as he was about to sign it,Hagrog had allowed a sinister smile to appear on his lips,stared at the four female officers in the room with such devilish glee and said,"On second thought,I've got a better idea!Instead of signing your weak excuse for a peace treaty,we'll just take your women and leave!"

But just as Admiral Cox was about to ask him what in the blazes was he talking about,one of Hagrog's fellow troopers had pulled out his lazer mace and fired a full energy blast at the Admiral,which had killed him instantly.

And of course,during the confusion,the Vikrons had slaughtered and wounded each and every male officer who has dared stood between them and their true targets,the female officers.

Of course,some of them were able to escape being captured by those savage beings,but the other female officers were not so lucky,for they've been tied up,placed inside large sacks and carried out of the neutral station and into a Vikron battle cruiser.

And after the Vikrons had zoomed away from the horrible scene,it had became quite clear to both the United Galaxies and Star Corps Command that the word 'sucker' has been pasted on each of their foreheads and that it was time retaliation.

Now of course,word of the Vikrons wanting a peaceful truce being a hoax has quickly spread throughout the entire Star Corps fleet and also reached the ears of the gallant crew of the starship USS Geena Davis,whose commanding officer,Captain Mark Shatner had became outraged,for his beloved daughter,Justine was one of the female officers who had been abducted by the savage Vikrons and he was more than willing to go get her back.

However,that had also meant going down to the ship's brig and releasing the one man who he had placed in there,Lt. Steven Rodenberry.

Anyway,after he had released Steven and admitted that he was right and everyone else was wrong,Mark had taken a deep breath and said,"There's another reason why I've just released you.The Vikrons had killed some of our male officers and abducted some of our female ones.My daughter,Justine is one of the female officers who have been abducted by the Vikrons!"

"And you want me to get her back for you.",said Steven,after he had realized that Justine means more to Mark than all the treasures in the known cosmos."Is that it?"

And after he had lowered his head and answered,"Yes,That's exactly it.",an understanding Steven had placed his friendly hand on Mark's shoulder and said,"Don't worry,Mark.I'll take a team with me to the Vikron homeworld,find her and have her back in her daddy's loving arms before you could whistle the entire Brady Bunch theme song."

And with that,Steven had gotten himself cleaned up,put on a new uniform and joined a small group of his fellow fighter pilots inside the ship's hanger bay,where he was able to explain his plan to them.

And after they've heard the whole thing,they've figured that even though it had sounded more like a suicide mission,they might as well do it and strike one very good blow against those intergalactic savages.

And then,after they've gotten into their fighters and zoomed their way out of the ship's hanger bay,Steven and his group had headed towards the Vikron homeworld,where they were able to activate their cloaking shields and landed their fighters about a few feet away from the Vikrons' own capital city.

"Alright,you space dogs.Let's go rescue some fellow Star Corps officers.",said Steven,after he and his fellow pilots had gotten themselves out of their fighters and started heading towards the capital city.

Suddenly,just as soon as they've entered the capital city,the rescue team has heard some noise coming from the square and decided to investigate,only to discover that it was the sound of a whole mob of Vikron males and females who were attending an open auction on the latest bunch of slaves that Hagrog had brought back with him from his latest conquest.

After Hagrog had pulled one of those newly captured slaves out of a cage,Steven had suddenly realized that the slave was actually Justine,Mark's daughter.

And after the dreadful slave master had ripped off her Star Corps uniform and exposed her nude body to his fellow Vikrons,which had caused her to scream bloody murder,Steven has decided that he has heard just about enough.

And so,after he had taken his lazer pistol out of its holster and told the other rescue team members to get ready to spring the other prisoners,Steven had moved himself closer to the Vikron crowd and aimed his lazer pistol at the doorway that was above Hagrog's sinister head.

And then,just as the helpless Justine was about to be sold to the one Vikron with the look of savage hunger in his eyes,Steven had fired his lazer pistol at the doorway,which had caused the Vikrons to wonder where had it come from.

Just then,during the confusion,Steven had pulled Justine away from Hagrog,covered her nude body with a large blanket and said,"It's okay.I'm from the USS Geena Davis.Your dad has sent us to rescue you guys."

And after the other rescue team members had gotten the other abducted female officers out of the cage and high tailed it back to their fighters,Steven had placed a dentenator inside a small ball of plastic explosive,set the timer and tossed the ball into the cage.

And just as the smoke was about to clear and after Steven was able to get Justine to a place of safety,the small ball of plastic explosive had blown up inside the cage,which has caused some more confusion among the savage Vikrons and allowed the rescue team and the female officers that they've rescued to zoom away from the Vikron homeworld before their enemies had gotten the chance to recover from the shock and realized what had happened.

Meanwhile,after the fighters had returned to the USS Geena Davis,Justine had looked at the look of joyful relief on her beloved father's face,she had wrapped her gentle arms around Mark and they've given each other a great big hug,for they were so very happy to see each other again.

As for Steven,he had walked into the ship's bar,got himself drunk on a whole keg of beer and into a slugfest with a pair of guys who he had insulted,which had gotten him tossed into the ship's brig in the first place.