The gate to town closed at 10 p.m. He had about 5 minutes to make it to town before they locked him out. Zak Elta had just been exploring an abandoned library. He thought it was amazing. He wanted to come back tomorrow. But if he did not make it to the gate, they would shut him out to be eaten by the mutated beasts of the wastelands of the earth. Everything was decaying. It was only a matter of time before everything broke apart.

He ran as fast as he could. Panting. Past the leafless dead trees. The leafless dead bushes and the grassless ground. He had seen picture of what the earth had looked like 200 years ago. It was beautiful than. 200 years can change a lot.

Running. Panting. It played over and over in his mind. "Are you ready to go?" It was taunting him. Telling him to do something. But what could he do? He was just a kid. Was just a 15-year-old punk, running in hopes to make it home. He could see the gate, and it was still open. So close. Pant. "Are you ready to go?" He didn't know. He had to do something. He had heard from his older brother of a resistance group. Maybe he could join them.

The library had opened his eyes. So much was possible, and everyone was given so little. He could only now see the problem with how everyone's lives at home are almost always monitored. How they are taught that the way of the Peoples Representative Group is the only way. He could see now it was a worldwide dictatorship capable of easily crushing any resistance. Unless people's eyes were open. Unless he could somehow get people to see the problem.

He was unsure of what he could do. But he would go back to the library tomorrow. And maybe the next day. Maybe even the next day. He would go for a while. He wanted to. He felt like he needed to learn more in order to be able to do anything.

He just made it. The gate closed seconds after he walked through it.

He looked back at the huge metal gate. It had bolts up and down the middle to reinforce it. It was at least 20 feet high, and the wall around it was about 25 feet tall. There are about 200 cities in his district, each consisting from 10,000-200,000 people. His was one of the biggest, but in truth, the biggest district was on another continent. The biggest district took up the entirety of what the United Kingdom was in the 21st century. He had learned that today. Millions upon millions of people. That was where the government was. That was where he had to go. Somehow. Maybe if he could make it there, he could do something.

He might have to wait years to actually go, but he would do it. Feeling he had too. Must do. Can do. Will do. He will go to capital city of the world. He will start something. They will bring the people's representative group to its knees and free the people of the world from the oppressive iron grip.