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Guaiya was rudely awakened from his beautiful dream of his very own 'guardian angel'… if they existed.

"Guaiya! Damn it, boy! Wake up!! Jesus Christ, get your faggot ass out of bed or you'll be late for school!!"

"But it's 4 am…"

"Well, then, you will have twice as long to get ready. Now you won't be late."

Guaiya rolled out of bed, as his step-father left. He grabbed fresh clothes, and as he passed his desk he grabbed the knife. "Not today…" He whispered, "You'll never hurt me again…"


After showering off the blood that stained him, Guaiya turned off the water and got out, looking in the mirror. He narrowed his eyes at his reflection; the pink eyes that where now the only ones who knew what happened to his step-father. His mother was gone… way gone… her funeral was coming up, but he wouldn't be going.

No, he'd be far away. He'd be starting a new life, in a place where no one would beat him. Some day… Some day…

On the way to school, he saw Ken. He smiled at Ken and began to tell him what a great night it had been the other night. Ken rolled his eyes and glared at Guaiya, who was talking so rapidly he didn't even notice.

Ken backhanded him. "Do you ever shut up?"

"… I'm… I'm sorry…" Guaiya looked at Ken, who was on the side closest to the street. "I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner."

"Do what, asshole?"

"I don't want to be hit anymore. No more, Ken. I took care of my step-father already."

"What are you babbling on about?!" Ken began to get just a little freaked out.

"Good-bye, Ken-kun. I won't have to deal with you anymore… I won't have to be hit."

"…What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Ken took a step away from Guaiya, who was looking at him awkwardly.

Guaiya shoved Ken into the street with all his might, and the last thing Ken ever saw was Guaiya waving, somewhat sadly. He never even saw the truck…

Guaiya walked the rest of the way of the way to school with a dead-pan look on his face. He smiled to himself as he approached the school; now he could go back to having his dreams of a 'guardian angel' who changed his life. Now he could go back to thinking it was Kin…

Or perhaps he didn't have to think it… if he made others believe it. That could work, too…

He just wouldn't get caught…


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Oh, the reason the title is "Guaiya means Love" is because the name Guaiya means… love.

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