The Last Battle

by Kevin Mason

In the wake of death, as the skies darken,

I stand alone, hiding, waiting, watching.

I can hear the angels of Heaven harking.

The men of the Earth deserve all these things.

And as the fighting finally begins,

That great One gallops on a horse like snow,

And the angels sing Him high praises.

And on the field of battle, He felled each foe.

Then, the fallen angels who had been cursed,

Cursed to walk the Earth until the last day,

They rose up against the King, but none could stop Him;

He lashed out with a mighty sword, blazing His way.

His foes dropped and died right there before Him,

Then, I turned my face toward the sky

And saw an army galloping down to war,

And they were wearing robes that were snow-white.

Then, the mighty Dragon charged toward that great One,

But he was no match for the Divine.

And I watched as the Dragon and his Prophet

Were cast away into the Fire for all time.

Then, the great One raised his sword high in the air

And His army danced across the battle ground,

Slaying all those who opposed their good King.

The demons of the Earth ran away, but they were found.

The King, He took His throne at long last,

And for one-thousand years, He ruled over His men.

And then such wonderful things happened

That I cannot even describe them.

The last battle had begun that very day,

Seven years previous to the events

I have described to you, and on this day

All battles had finally met ends.