(A/N: haha, alright, this is odd. My friend prompted me to write about my shoes. And so I wrote. This is the story of my gym shoes, loves.)


Walking down

They go with me

Writing down

What I see

My shoes are more important

Than everyday footwear

They are screaming a message

That I alone cannot bear

I held a pen

But my paper was gone

That's when I got the idea

And it came long

Pen met shoe and

Shoe met pen

My feet were never

The same again

I wrote my angst

Upon the soles

They went with me

To have my story told

When I was depressed

Or just a bit bored

Ink would sing to my shoes

The gliding pen, I adored.

I loved my shoes

They showed my personality.

They were my own little secret

For everyone to see

But then it happened

All in a day

My mother read my precious shoes

And made them go away

She couldn't handle

What they had to say

She did not want her daughter

To think that awful way

She bought me new shoes

That were to stay clean

No angsty words on them

No matter what they mean

She wanted my first

Pair to go away

She told me to take them

To the trash that day

I was quick

I knew what I had to do

I got out my backpack

And tucked in it, my shoes.

Gym shoes, I now say

I wear them every day

They softly sing their song

But their glory is now gone

I still wish to have

My emotions on my feet

So I can't wait till PE

Where we again can meet.

(A/N: cute little story, eh? Yeah, parents don't get it. ::tear:: at least they are soooo comfy…)