The Life We All Choose

Why do we choose the lives we choose? Are we born with a beaten path leading us along through what will become our lives? Or do we choose every turn in every fork in the road? If we were to take a wrong turn, do we fall off of the earth? I ask these questions not expecting you to answer them but expecting you to ask them yourself. Ask why we do what we do. Why we live our lives the wrong ways sometimes. Or is it the way we were meant to live them? Will we ever know what path we are supposed to take when we reach roadblocks? Is it programmed into our minds? Or do we all take life into our own hands, showing God that we can make it on our own?

Hey, all I can tell you is that sometimes life sucks but sometimes we are all very glad we are here and not six feet under. (Like Mr. Lee would say, life sucks and then you die). And we, by human nature, choose what brings us hapiness. Always go with your instincts and do what makes you happiest!TDTC