Caged tiger

Pacing restlessly

Unable to sleep or eat

Held here in this place

Wild eyes glare angrily

Caged tiger

She's dying inside

Caged tiger

Across this world she's come

Far from home and all alone

Broken and lonely

Yet she will never beg

Caged tiger

Look human at what you've done

Caged tiger

Once so majestic and regal

She growls at her keepers

They know she wont be tamed

Beautiful animal

Caged tiger

Wasting away

Caged tiger

A beauty unsurpassed

Rich coat and thick muscles on her bones

But her eyes are empty as stones

You think you've saved her

Caged tiger

You've condemned an innocent soul

Caged tiger

Longing to be free

Looking at the world through glazed eyes

And soulless stares

She is trapped inside this world

Caged tiger

Don't you see

Caged tiger

That tiger is me

And this thing holding me unwillingly captive

Is my heart

Like her I resign to my fate

Unable to escape my destiny

Around my cage I pace restlessly

Waiting for death to take me

Caged tiger

We are more alike than anyone can see