Why Part 3


Do you feel the need,

To be an asshole around your other friends,

You cat like,

You feel sorry for me,

That I'm bad to be around,

Do you know how deeply you hurt me?

Do you even care?

And then you coming up with stupid excuses,

"I fell on glass"

Glass doesn't carve a fucking D in your arm,

Glass doesn't make those numerous cuts on your arm,

Quit making excuses,

And tell me the truth,

If you don't want to fucking hurt me,

Tell me the truth,

Because lies hurt worse then the truth,

What happened to you?

You used to confide in me,

Now you fucking lie to me,

What happened?

Do you not trust me?

I need to know,

What happened?

And why you do these things,

To yourself,

And me…