Normalcy Envisioned

Through the clouds of stale cigarette smoke

And the smoldering ash of time

Wasting away on my left wrist

Childhood memories filled with childhood deeds,

Evil that was not seen, heard, or spoken of

Until hands were caught in the cookie jar

Ping-pong across the table

But that fading feeling

Of delicacy is left to the dust

Of salt on my greasy diner plate

I travel the board game of life

But I was never enlightened to the square

Which prophesied that I would be sitting in the diner at two AM,

Cursed with company of an amalgamation of people

Classic Elvis talent

Classic Marilyn beauty

Classic James Dean rebellion

Classic Bogart classy

The only thing we have in common

Is that we will all die young

We will shed our youth like snakeskin

Emerge a butterfly if we have created the right cocoon

But transformation does take time

And has that arbitrary power to do both good and evil

So I ask that I be transformed into myself

So I can engage myself in the Diner speak

Because being lonely in a crowded room is only up to me