There is a path in life called destiny

and another which leads to the enemy

one to the left and one to the right

choose only one and begin to take flight

The path of destiny is for those with heart

show your fear and you'll be torn apart.

It's a path even angels fear to tread.

One false move and you could be dead.

The path of destiny is for those with hope

and a willingness to learn to cope.

It's a godly path that leads to life

an end of pain, sickness, and strife.

The path of death is the easy way out

it's for those who have fear and doubt.

It's the path most tend to choose.

Follow the crowd and you'll most likely lose.

The path of death is filled with pain

and an unending desire for fruitless gain.

Death sounds good to the deaf of spirit

but destinys calling is for those who hear it.

Which path did you choose? the left or the right?

Did you find darkness? or enter the light?

God wants for you to find your way.

Satan seeks to make you waste away.