You Raised Me To Be...

I may be your daughter,

But I'm not a kid anymore,

I'm getting older everyday,

I've started walking out your door.

You raised me to be mature,

And yet you don't trust me,

You cant let me grow,

If you don't let me go free.

You raised me to think for myself,

So I can have my own view,

Yet you tell me my beliefs are wrong,

That I should think the same as you.

You raised me to be smart,

Let me think with my mind,

How can I ever be free,

When you keep me confined?

You raised me to always be myself,

Yet I feel you're always disgraced,

Even when I try to please you,

You wish I could be replaced.

I'm sorry Daddy,

You raised me to be independent,

I think with my own mind,

Not always needing your consent.

I'm sorry Mommy,

You raised me to be free,

To never be ashamed,

For always being me.

I may be your daughter,

But now I'm an adult,

You taught me all these lessons,

Please accept the result.