Dear Elizabeth,

This will be my last letter.

Don't fear for me child. I am at peace now. Indeed, I long for this torture to be over. My warden comments he has never seen one with such joy in death, but it's not joy, Elizabeth. It is relief.

I have so much I wish to stay to you, to tell you. But how I do I fit a lifetime of motherly advice into a simple letter?

I will pray for you, Elizabeth. And I will watch over you, and sometimes, in the darkness of the night, listen closely and you will hear me calling your name.

I am not a witch; I am not a whore. I am a woman, Elizabeth, and I am your mother. Don't listen to the gossips, when they tell you horrible things. Listen to this, listen to me. I loved you, as I have never loved anyone except myself. And if I did things in my lifetime that were sinful, and that were wrong, it was only because it was the only way I knew how.

I feel it in my heart that you will be a great Prince one day, my princess. Stay true to that always. Know that it was your mother's dying wish that you become Quene. Keep that thought next to you in the dark days before you come into your own.

I wish I could have known you. I wish I could have seen you grow up. I wish I could have given you a brother, and then none of this would be happening.

But I didn't, and it is.

Goodbye, Elizabeth. Know that I am always watching over you. I love you, child. And one day, you will be a far greater Quene then I ever was.

Love your mother,

Anne the Quene.