I don't see what I did to deserve this.
We won't be able to have you this weekend.
I'm not happy with your attitude.
I'm really not happy.
I'm just tired of playing games with you and your dad.

Five easy sentences
Said from my mom.
Could she really not see
What she did to deserve this?
Do you openly tell your daughter
That you forget to call her?
Do you openly tell her
That you wonder what it would be like
If she left your dad earlier-
Before said daughter was born-
To see if her other daughter would still be alive?
Do you make up things
So you don't have to have me?
Do you blame me for my attitude?
I have an attitude?
You may not be happy,
But I'm sad.
And mad.
And as I've said before,
I really just don't see
The whole point of living anymore.
You're tired of playing games?
What about when I was the go between?
I'm sick of playing innocent child.
So let me tell you this:
Sex before marriage is bad, Mom.
My high school is great.
Keep your personal lubricants to yourself.
I will never move out there.
I am your daughter,
But how can I love you?
I do not have to call you every single day-
Who said you couldn't call me?
And last but not least:
Never tell your daughter that you forget her.

I look down
And what do I see?
Your hand pulling out the dagger in my heart-
Five separate times,
Then over and over again.
Thanks for killing me, Mom.