Into the Arms of Jealousy

All I want is for you to stop ignoring me.

I'm tired of hearing all of your excuses baby

Won't you for once not feed me a line?

Perhaps you care to lend me your time.

You make me feel I've only one use,

And other than that I'm worthless to you

Then you run off to be with them

And I'm left all alone again.

And I don't want to be alone

One of those girls jumping for the phone

But I'm afraid you're driving me,

Up the walls of jealousy.

I'm not trying to hold you down,

But you make me feel you don't want me around.

Won't you for once not think of yourself

And consider the feelings of someone else

I thought I'd let you form your own interpretations about what this means before I said anything. I wrote it to be about a girl who's jealous of the fact that her boyfriend cares more about being with his friends than being with her. She sees nothing wrong with him going out with them, but he seems to prefer their company over hers and she's upset because of it. However, you can take it to mean whatever you want it to mean.