by OnlyThreeWords

As this car is careening towards a meaningless, temporal destination, I'm reminded of days of love and your smiling face
They've meant so much to me, I'll never forget my sister in Christ
You've chosen your path, though it may not involve me, I wish you the best
God's hand is on you always

I'll miss you everyday until I die, but for every tear of sorrow (of separation) there will be hours of memories (of joy)
The way your golden hair cascaded and framed your soft face always reminded me of His love (His light) from heaven
The way your cheerful laughter always brought a genuine smile to my face reminded me that my frown wasn't permenant
The way your icey blues always managed to melt my frozen heart reminded me of a stone made flesh

I know you're not here and you'd disapprove, but I'll dance and sweat and bleed tonight for you