Understanding in Ink
by OnlyThreeWords

I have screamed in my youth that romance is dead
And as I age, I find this true
But when such an innocent child calls truth into question, I shall pay it mind

Through all the pain and the tearing, I have learned separation
Whimsical emotion is nothing to be desired
If a love was born for me, she would bury these roses and pick up His book
And I pray she would find nothing of me desireable besides what small amount of Him I might reflect

Love is not Romance
Love knows nothing of candles or flowers
Love knows nothing of lies and broken hearts
Love knows nothing of a man left on knee, ring in hand
Love knows nothing of five years wasted

Romance is not Love
Romance knows nothing of sacrifice and dedication
Romance knows nothing of the allure of faded beauty
Romance knows nothing of an angel with one wing
Romance knows nothing of my Father's blood

For Love is Christ and romance is man
And where man is a failure, He is the Savior