I sat hudled up in the corner of my bed; watching the clock as it ticked till twelve.

Midnight; oh how I dreaded it. My room was it's darkest then but strangley the darkness brang sequrity.

The darkness. The silence it brang was louder then my screams of horror; the darkness was louder then the voices. But after a while where I lived midnight wasn't as dark.

Slowly it began to become a still silent. But this silent wasn't loud enough.

Suddenly I could hear the voices, barley audiable whispers at first but over times loud shrikeing yells.

I hated it. It made me cry. But the darkness brang sequrity as it took me into its wide embrace.

I cried into the darkness as if it were my mother. I cried into the darkness because it gave me warmth. I cried into the darkness because I knew I had nothing and everything to fear.