White Squall

I fight through
The storm in my dream
Gale force winds fighting
Me and… just me
A white squall in the tropics…
Or the Caribbean Sea
But then it all settles
And my calm is back

I wake up that morrow
And what do I see?
I see the whole world
Looking down on me

They point and whisper
And tell these tall tales
Then one speaks up to tell me
That my character ails

To my great stupor,
I fall to the floor
In my newfound weakness,
My mind goes to war

Why don't they like my
What don' they see
What could it be?
I get wrapped up
In my own rushed plea

I now am distraught
When suddenly the speaker
Pulls me from thought

"Why we don't like you
Is not what you guessed…"
I cut him off
His voice I detest
Don't kill the messenger
Are words put to rest

But then I step back
And remember my dream
And the calm post the storm
And I lift my esteem

Now the voice comes back

And says plainly to me
"I can see your vital change
So you are now worthy
Of your long awaited praise"

And now I see
So I join their regime

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