Modern Jungle


As much as we've advanced thus far, it doesn't really take much to reduce us to the primitive animals we once were.

We surround ourselves with money and technology to give us a sense of security. But that's all a lie, really. We may have the capacity for "intelligent" thought, but our instincts are exactly the same to those of animals. We need to eat, we need to have shelter, and we need to survive. So what if we're not living in caves and eating raw meat anymore? We still live in a jungle. With a canopy of skyscrapers, and underbrush of apartments and condos, we're all the animals fighting to survive. We eat what we kill, and we outline everything in black and white just to settle our conscience.

Despite our likeness to animals, we are still humans. The metaphor is only a comparison. Though it is a good comparison, it is still not the truth.

There are more metaphors to be considered when talking about modern society today.

There are the lions. The "king" of the jungle. They gather money and power to try and make it to the top. They look down at the rest of us with disdain and oppress us. Which is really kind of stupid, when you think about it. There are so few of them and so many of us.

Then there are the snakes. They may be thought of as insignificant, but they are always there. They can hide anywhere and do whatever they want by dropping names and subtle threats. They have a silver tongue to cover the venom and fangs. They buddy up with the lions, and become almost – if not more – powerful than they.

The birds are mostly there for show. They rank higher in society than most because of their flashy colors and shy nature. They float in the sky and sit in the trees, sheltered from the harsh jungle floor. They are clueless about the real world and live instead in a fake one. They reassure the public that everything is okay – even if it isn't.

Lower down than the birds are the small ground animals. Some are pretty, some aren't; some are hunters, some are gatherers. This is the most diverse part of society. Those higher than them try to keep them happy so they'll support the higher-ranked in times of need.

The lowest are the insects. They repulse those higher up, and are generally ignored. They are acknowledged when they cause a problem, though they are instantly exterminated if need be. They are the lowest on the food chain, and all the other members of the jungle are glad that they are not insects.

However, there are so many more insects than lions and snakes and birds. No matter how much the lions want to have all of the power, they really have none. The insects have the power to make change.

And we, the insects, will use that power to stir a revolution.

Watch out.